desmo delivery

A potential hicup with desmo delivey.
This may be a one off but may explain non delivery of desmo.
Upon opening our desmo mag Roz found Guy’s address label underneath ours, I have contacted Guy and he has not yet had his mag, does this mean he won’t get one in the normal way?
As I said earlier, this may be a complete one off but may be of help explaining non arrival of Desmo if the usual reasons have been exhausted.

Guy sent me an email about it last night which I have sent on to TPW. They have replied this morning, assuring me it was a ‘one-off’’ and will be sending Guy a copy of Desmo 185. (As you may be aware, this problem didn’t occur when the envelopes were printed with the addresses on them … :astonished: )

Not got mine yet :frowning: :frowning: i have checked and I am a current member !! I have been allocated one.

Have checked with TPW, Desmo 185 was dispatched in 2 lots - first on Friday, 2nd on Monday. Should have been with everyone by today … but then, I’ve not received the items from Martyn posted to me last Friday …(All mailed 2nd class)

My copy of Desmo has arrived, and I’ve also heard from other club members who have received theirs.

Recieved mine this morning, I put yours in envelope written by me last Friday and Frank took with the rest of the post.

Pleased to hear you’ve (finally!!) got your copy of Desmo, Martyn. However, just called in home lunchtime, nothing from you … :frowning:

… and I’m still waiting!
Martyn - maybe you could send out another 2 copies to me as the ones mailed from Frank haven’t arrived … :astonished:

… and I’m still waiting!!

Hurrah! Copies of Desmo (see previous requests!) finally arrived 22nd August … :slight_smile: