Desmo july

When should I expect the July (current) issue to arrive through my door? Ive not had anything yet…

Hi Dave,
I’ve had my copy for a week or two now.

Steve R

It should have Alistair’s Supermono on the front, I will check the system tonight Dave but yes, you should have it by now.
I have lots so I will send one asap

Next issue of Desmo (185, August 2009) should be mailed out first week in August … if there are no gremlins to cause havoc! :slight_smile:

Sorry my mistake, not to worry Martyn, I lend it to a new 999 owner I work with and I thought it was June’s issue. I’ll await Augusts now then :smiley:

Phew, after the membership issues I thought oh no I had done something wrong setting you up, any issues at all feel free to get in touch.