Desmo production 2010

Hi, just an update regarding Desmo production meeting - I am currently working out the schedule for Desmo for 2010, it will probably be similar to this year.
I am getting quotes from 3 other printers who have contacted me this year, I’m basing the quotes on the same format as this year - 6 issues, A5, 56 pages (inc 16 colour), 1250 copies, and mailing out inc. copies to Laura and myself, balance to Frank. (The main ‘plus’ with TPW is that they are next door to where I work, and I can spend luncht-times there, working on the layout etc. This may not be so easy with other printers …) As Desmo 188 will be underway end of January 2010, I would appreciate the Desmo production meeting to be held mid Janaury - the meeting can be held here (same as this year).
Any comments - please let me know asap! Thank you :slight_smile:

I am postponing the Desmo production meeting - the weather doesn’t look as if it’s going to improve over the next week (and I’m still recovering from the 'flu!). Any queries re Desmo, please let me know - I have emailed everyone on the CoM a provisional schedule. Thanks.

Is the Desmo production meeting on the 16th on or off?
If its off is there another date proposed?

Hi Colin,
As per my previous message, it’s postponed!! :slight_smile: No other date proposed as yet, I’m waiting to see if a Desmo meeting will be actually required as there’s been no adverse comments re proposed production schedule, content, recent changes etc :open_mouth: Also, I need to get rid of this flu virus - I wouldn’t like to spread it.
Hope you and your family are keeping well :slight_smile: