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I hope that everyone is fine, had a good Christmas and New Year, and now looking forward to what looks to be an excellent year for Ducati…

Desmo 176 production: As you know, the copy date for Desmo 176 was the 12th January, and I was promised several items for that edition. Most of the
articles arrived in time, and some of the CoM members had the courtesy to either say that their contribution would be late by a day or two, or not
forthcoming, thus enabling me to plan the mag accordingly. Sadly, one CoM member has let me down by not sending the 4 articles ‘promised’. As these
articles reflect the club’s activities I felt that sure that they would arrive … However, we have to keep to the schedule, especially as the AGM
Notice will be posted in this edition.

My point is this: the CoM (including me!!) is keen to see Desmo progress (as discussed at last CoM meeting), but if ‘promised’ club related articles do
not appear on time, then the mag looks thin on club activities. We wonder why people are not attending some events - if there isn’t a report to show
the fun / enjoyment had at rallies / shows / events, then people won’t bother to come along - or help again. If we want to keep the mag looking as
‘professional’ as possible we have to take a more professional approach.Winter months are notorious for having few articles submitted to
Desmo too (see my report, last CoM meeting). I know we all have jobs, families, social lives etc, and it’s a juggling act to get most of things in
life done besides club stuff.

Fortunately, I have some articles / ideas in the pipeline, so all is not lost for Desmo 176!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and many thanks to those of you who have contributed articles and items for Desmo 176 :slight_smile:
PS Graham - please could you reply to my email about the Riders advert? Thanks.

Just a quick note to say that I will do an article re the Toolhire scheme in time for 177 including a list of what we have available, how to get hold of it and how much it will cost.
I am working out a charging structure that will reflect what it actually costs to run & maintain the scheme.
Given that I have been promising a revamp of the scheme for ages I thought a public statement of intent would be a good incentive for me to actually complete - or crash and burn humiliation…
Fingers crossed then.
Team Tool (!)

Sometimes with organising the events which come all at once, Northern Rally, Italy trip, Christmas party, Manchester Bike show and work and trying to see the wife there are delays, I will try harder to get them in on time, it would be nice if someone else did the write ups but they don’t.

Yer cheeky monkey! :smiley:
You never ravvin’ ask.
And I’ve learned my lesson of suggesting anything. :confused: :laughing:
All the events mentioned above occurred on the same day… :wink:

The pix I took were with desmo and Mr Webbo the day after the stand was set up for G-MEX.


Yes, have got the pics from Ains (good photos too :slight_smile: ) so I’ll wait for a show report for Desmo 177 - news might be a tad old by that time though … shame :frowning:
Incidentally, there were a few weeks inbetween the events and Desmo copy date … ho hum!! :wink: