What another cracking edition of Desmo, great articles and stories and a good mix of old and new bikes. Keep them coming in, without the articles there is no magazine !!!

As you say another great Desmo.

I’m half way through writing article for the next one.

My thanks to all those who contribute, either one-off or regular articles :smiley:
Old and new depicted in the main cover pic (anyone notice that??)
And please may I have the Southern and Northern Rally Reports for Desmo 205? Thanks :wink:


As the other lads have said once again a cracking issue well down,
I have a request and despite all these years as a club member am not to sure (haven’t a clue) who to address this too?
In this issue was my Obit’ to Bob Palmer I would very much like two extra copies (I don’t care how much it costs) for Bob’s daughters, I don’t know who to contact could you please help me here?

Oh and one more point you wouldn’t believe how much it annoys me when people add an extra R into my surname. :wink:

Steve R

Ooops, did I get your surname wrong, Steve? I am soooo sorry. Please pm me your address and I will send you 2 copies of Desmo for Bob’s daughters, I have extra copies put aside for this purpose.
And thank you for the compliments, but it really is down to those who contribute. As some of you know, my health hasn’t been too good recently (perhaps I need another trip to Cornwall??) and it was a bit of a struggle to get it all sorted (cue: violins!) but all sorted … eventually! All’s well that ends well???

Hi Jilly
Can only back up what’s been said well done!
Im wanting to pen something for next issue of Desmo from the Wirral section as its been a busy year and weve done some interesting stuff.
Whats the final date for submission to your good self.
Keep up the good work
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi Timbo, thank you :wink:
I’d certainly appreciate something from you for ‘Desmo’, copy date is the 5th November so get writing!! Look forward to receiving your copy (and a pic or two?)