Diavel clutch problem

hi Guys n gals
took my bike out yesterday to blow some dust off. had it 11 years. came to a junction changing down quite hard. using the clutch all OK. till i go to pull the clutch in to stop and the lever was solid just after a few seconds of using it. slammed the ankers on and she just didn’t want to stop so i had to lay her down… grrrr all OK though but still no clutch. i road home and changed gear OK by iddelling the engine and managed to select neutral as i had a little more time to… has anyone come across this before? spoke to my dealers and thieve never herd of it. its still solid and wont work. thanks in advance Carlo Bruno…

That’s a new one on me, never known one to go like that, had a few the other way, fluid leaks and nothing there, pulls to the bars

If the clutch hub nut has started to come loose the piston in the slave can bottom out.

Steve R

its baffeld me matey… its solid.

yes but its not like thta its solid…

If the piston bottoms out in the slave cylinder it can’t physically move any farther so it becomes “Rock solid”…

Steve R