Diavel Section?

Browsing through the forum I haven’t seen a Diavel :smiling_imp: section as yet. Are there plans to create one or am I the only Diavel owner here? If I am you don’t know what you’re missing!


I have just created a Diavel Group in the forum

Ooohh, that’s service for you!

Great stuff, definitely not the only Diavel owner, I am sure Timbo will be along, I have rode a couple and I wish I had one, awesome thing !!! You lucky lucky man …


I have signed up to do the Ducati Dream Tour in July and have chosen to ride a Diavel - really looking forward to it.


They are brilliant, once you’ve been out on one, you want one Steve!

Hope you got your official club member discount Steve, you will love it.

I did get my discount and am looking forward to it very much.