Discounts at Superbike Tyres?

Hi All,

According to the discount listings in Desmo, we should be able to get a 10% discount on Pirellis from Superbike Tyres. I have contacted them, and they know nothing about this, and hence no discount. Has anybody had any sucess getting a discount from them?

If not, I would suggest that they be removed from the listngs.


Hi Steve,
Have you informed Paul Rawlinson about Superbike Tyres? He looks after the Discounts section (see footnote on the Discounts page in Desmo)

Hi Desmo,

Yes, I sent him an email a few weeks ago, but have not had a reply.


I will contact him to ask where we are with them.

I have just checked the latest issue of the magazine, and Superbike Tyres is still listed as giving a discount. Why can’t this misleading info be removed from the mag? It makes me wonder if any of the other discounts actually exist? :confused:

Will certainly do that once I get confirmation from Paul Rawlinson - as said before, he looks after the Discounts.
Martyn - did you get a reply from Paul?

I have messages him again to check, I will update as soon as I get a reply.

Thank you, Martyn, hope you got my email about discounts too?