Discracefull behaviour in the IOM

TT 2010 news from day 1.

After we had been in the pub for a while (about 23.00) word reached us from the Falcon, a pub about ½ a mile and the stronghold of the KH triple two stroke club away that a certain David spaggy Knight was so drunk he was incoherent and dribbling, much to the amusment of the KH club members who have been waiting for a chance to get at us since we highjacked their awards ceremony two years ago and took over their pub as well. So it was without much surprise that they took their opportunity. As with any major conflict Communication was confused and difficult but the next day when the facts became known, spaggys behaviour in the face of the opposition was even worse than we could possibly have imagined.

  1. So drunk he allowed himself to have a HALF PINT given him and allowed his photograh to be taken holding it looking like soft pansy.
  2. Foolishly allowed himself to agree to meet up for a race against a 750 triple ridden by a local Manx gp competitor the next day
  3. Was THOWN OUT the pub by the landlord for his drunken behaviour in front of the KH triple club. (thrown out the pub -on day 1!!!)

These crimes were compounded the next day when having forgotten about his foolish race idea the KH club members decended upon the Spaggys tour hotel to take photographs of the assembled Ducatis with KH triples in front of them in order to show that they won by default the race.

After a meeting by a hastily organised DOC (GB)disipliniary committee it was decided to hold a black ball meeting although this will have to be delayed until Monday night as the shop selling the ping pong balls required for this procedure was not open on a Sunday. – Although on a side note this delay has allowed me time to order a T shirt with the slogan I’d rather push my Ducati than ride a 2-stroke in time for the ceremony in the Falcon.

The results of the black ball procedure will be announced in the Falcon on Monday night and if found guilty the charges of derelection of duty in the face of a rival club will be passed on the national committee!!!

More information has just been passed my way from a “local source” that he was intercepted by a white helmeted policeman and told to go home to bed or face a night in the cells!

Oh Dear.And was Mr R around at this time as well? Surely bringing the Marque into disrepute is the most Heinous of crimes!

At leaat some of us are attempting to regain some honour for the club…

Is it turning into the Drinking Overload Club? :astonished:

Picture taken on the way TO the pub and sober as a judge- and I’m not one of the club members that missed saturday racing because he was in the pub!!

What??? People travelled all that way to watch the racing … and then spent the time in the pub?? :astonished:
Maybe a special meeting to discuss the members in question then :wink:
Good to hear everyone having a great time :smiley:

Dont worry I have been taking notes for a special article!

Look forward to receiving all the details … :wink:

Untrue, untrue. Well, not all of it, but I claim a certain amount of misrepresentation and hearsay being taken as fact. However, I cannot truthfully say I can remember most of the night in question. I’m sure the landlord issue was a bit overplayed and I don’t even remember seeing a copper.
I do have to agree though, that I was not the sober and upstanding representative of the DOC you may have been led to believe your honourable webmaster really is. Guilty as charged M’Lud and I will take my twenty lashes like a man.

Yes I was around…
Like the other loong serving members I was also shocked that Spaggy had sunk so low to allow himself to be snapped holding a ‘Pansy’ drink, being thrown out of the Falcon, then when he compounded it by failing to get out of his pit to turn up for the race over the Shlock…
Leaving the rest of the DOCGB Port Erin Crew to suffer the embarrassment, when the Triple’s club turned up to rub in their “Victory”.
…and they did it ‘BIG’ style taking pic’s of the still cold/unused Ducati’s beside their own triples which were giving off a large heat haze with the blue haze still in evidence.
Malc’ their former MGP (local lad) racer was there sat on his H2 in his old Kwaka green meanie racing leathers.
It would sadden my heart to ‘Black Ball’ a stalwart member, but I have to say that Spaggy probably deserves it after brining this shame on the club.

In his defence he was very shame faced when the extent of what he’d done was pointed out though.

Steve R

I’m not actually sure that is a defence!! Where was his wingman in all this?

Hi Jasper,
I’m not sure who you meen by ‘Wingman’?
But I’d never be daft enough to challange Malc’ over the Shlock, fuck me Spaggy’s as fast as fuck over there, but Malc’ has the benefit of being a former MGP Racer and has lived in the area for most of his life, he also has this little problem where his righthand isn’t connected to his brain.
I’ve also never seen him drink from a 1/2 pint glass!!! :unamused:

Steve R