DOC machine dating service

I’ve sent an email to the email address given in the members section of the “home” site, regarding the DOC machine dating service but I’ve not had a reply. Can someone tell me who to contact with this?

Im trying to get my spare race bike registered.

It is Pete Ward at the ducarc address, when did you send IT ??

If you sent it to Pete Ward (ducarc) he may take a few days to reply, but it should be in the system and actioned by him.

Hi Guys, Yes its to the ducarc address so I’ll be patient. Looking forward to seing if I can get it on the road! I’ve just got another frame to do a Tricati with so I might require two dating services!

Oooo a Tricati!
Would that involve a narrowcase 250 frame with a unit 500 Triumph motor, possibly a free reving Daytona?
That would shift…
As a young biker I worked close to Gander and Grey’s shop in Manor Park E12, they used to do all of the kit to make Trifields, unit Triumph’s motors into 250 Enfield frames, when dropped into a Continental GT rolling Chassis they used to look good and go very well.

Although I’d personally stick with a Ducati single these days.

Steve R

Hi, I never had an email back, Is there any other way to contact Pete?

I’ll give him a nudge … :wink:

Cheers :smiley:

I’ve now heard from Pete, he doesn’t seem to have heard from you, so maybe best to email again? … and he’s waiting to hear from you! Hope it all gets sorted! :slight_smile:

Hi, have you contacted Pete yet?

Hi, Sorry I’ve not visited since my last post. I’ll get an email off to him in the morning as its a little late now. Thanks :wink:

An Email to Pete has just been sent.