DOC president from Arizona visiting the UK

Hello all,

I’m Andy, and I run

I’ll be in the UK from about April 9th to the 30th. I will mostly be in West Sussex other than a road trip we’re taking to Cornwall for a few days. I’d like to be involved in some DOC events if possible.

I see I’ve just missed the event in Horsham which would have been convenient. I’m also going to miss the track day at Cadwell Park which is unfortunate for me because that track looks like fun.

If someone could point me in the direction of a club officer to chat with, I’d appreciate it.


Hi Andy

Hope you have a great trip to the UK. I have emailed you our chairman’s details separately.



Brands Hatch Superbike round is 7th April if you make it any earlier, I am based in Manchester but we will see what Siuthern Branch events are on, you have my e mail address.

Hello Andy.
There’s always the Bristol Auto Moto Italian Festival which is Saturday 20th April.
Always a good day out, same kind of event as Horsham, and the DOCGB will have a presence there.
There should be a group of us from the West Midlands coming down (Birmingham area)
It may even have stopped snowing over here by then… :smiley:

The club will also have a stand at the Stafford Classic Bike Show 27th - 28th April, which is the largest classic bike show in Europe (I think?)


Hi Andy, I am the branch rep from Cornwall. Unfortuatly I will be away from 8th to 24th April . But I can definitely recommend Bristol Italian moto Fest on the 20th April.

Have a great time, Guy

I cannot be at BIAMF either, it clashes with a Spain trip, I am sure there is something going on

Hi Andy, I live in West Sussex and it would be great to meet up whilst you are in the area. It’s a shame you’re missing Horsham Piazza Italia - I organise the Italian motorcycle side of the event - but there’s Goodwood Breakfast club on the 7th April (have a look at the Goodwood website) and a few other events / places that I’d recommend to visit :slight_smile: