DOC registration

Hi folks,

Got a problem with registering with Desmo on Ducati website as there is no Guernsey or Jersey or Channel Islands from the drop-down selections. Its a common problem we face from time to time.

Hello the dogs.
Yes, they do seem to have missed out the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man was missing but they added this in as another country after we pointed it out.
I’ll ask the folks at the DOC to have a look, meanwhile just use Central or Hampshire, I will pick it up when we do the welcome pack addresses.

Thanks Kevin. The good old Channel Islands causing a problem yet again.

Kind regards

John “the dogs” Roberts

“This is driving me ferkin nuts”
I’ve populated the boxes except for the box desmo owners club which when you select it, it keeps coming back with “Oops, you forgot to fill in this field” Grrrrrrrr…not happy!!

You have to select the country and state/ province first, pick Lancashire for the state/province as that’s where or chairman lives.

I have to say it does seem extremely over complicated and not at all intuitive. To this date I have no idea if I am successfully registerd or not.

In the absence of a goodie bag I am assuming not.

It takes a while for the goodie bags to be mailed out, Smidsy, and they are sent in batches to our club a couple of times a year. I’m sure that Kevin will be along soon and let you know if you’re now registered :slight_smile:

Smidys, what’s your renal name and I’ll check?

I’ve tried as well kevin can you check for me as well.

many thanks

John Roberts

You aren’t registered, and I can’t see see a request either.

Thats my point it wont let me finish the registrating. I’ll give it one more go and let you know if it goes through.



Just comes up with a box saying “Oops you forgot to fill this box in”. Sorry kevin but this is getting a little tiresome now. I’ve populated all the boxes, used hampshire where i have to and can get down as far as the text box where it won’t left me process anything when you click “Submit”. Strangely though I’ve managed to go into Shop and buy myself a T Shirt and get a confirmation email back without any issue at all.



You must have a field not completed, if you want to give me a ring I can do it for you at my end?
(It is Ducatis system, not ours.)

I’ve pm’d you with my mobile for you to send your number and I’l ring you



Hope it’s all sorted now :slight_smile:

Yes Jilly, I spoke to John last night and sorted it out.


Yes, thank you Kevin for your help and assistance. Much happier person now :slight_smile:

Hurrah! :slight_smile: