Doug Snow

Ducati Riding manx GP regular Doug Snow crashed during Tuesday evening Practice and broke an ankle. Prior to this he put in a 6th fastest lap for the session overall and was the fastest Ducati with an avarage of 95.085mph and a time of 23.48, making him the fastest Junior Classic Ducati of the entire fortnight, which I doubt makes him feel any better?

Shame really as with times like that he would have up for a 5th Place in the race, and split up the top 7 which were all Hondas- in fact all bar 1 of the top 13 ended up being Hondas, one of which was Rich Hawkins who untill this year had raced the same classic Ducati single for the last 19 years, his best previous finish being 7th he managed a 4th on the Drixton Honda!