dropping out of the club

been a member for 6 or 7 years and have made decision not to renew sub

reasons, club is not doing anything locally, the local branch was closed last year because of a complete lack of support by club members during the winter

apart from the excellent severn valley rally (which you don’t need to be a member to go to) there is nothing locally that the club offers or that members can actively participate in

the new format of the website is great, but sadly very few are using this and there are numerous other “free” forums available with far higher traffic where people are organising rideouts and meets on a local level

Sorry to hear that Kiwi :open_mouth: :cry:
But I can understand where your coming from :neutral_face: :neutral_face:
Ever thought of moving up Wirral way its a nice place…(and we as a section are quite busy) only draw back we just have to put up with scouser’s coming over for holidays and deciding to stay. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Any way wish you all the best stay safe
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sorry to hear that you feel that way. Unfortunately the apathy of some affects others and this is often why a branch gets closed. Sometimes the issue is changes in work and/or family commitments.

I have noted that here on the Isle of Man things have been quiet for the 2nd half of 2012. This is mostly because my work commitments have meant that I could not make the arranged monthly meets and nobody else has been willing to take over the arrangements.

Being on the island makes joining in any activities difficult and/or expensive. Despite this I would personally continue to support the club for a couple of reasons. The first is that I enjoy the Desmo magazine and the other is that if my subscription helps support activities that other Ducati riders enjoy then that is fine with me.

However I do respect that each has to make a personal decision. Hopefully you will decide to rejoin in the future.



PS - thanks for the positive comments about the new website

As previous posts sorry to hear, branch’s do take time and it is up to the people from that area to organise events, meets and anything else, it is hard work and constant, Wirrall is about 12 months old and growing, they arrange events in their area, they are the club in that area, for the club to arrange events for different areas is just not feasible, again sorry it did not take off in your area.

For me being a part of something is worth the subscription fee, yes there are forums for every model but they come and go, I enjoy being part of it, not just online but meeting people, talking to them and having the occasional drink, that is what I think makes a differance. For me anyway, we are all different.

Hi Kiwi, sorry to hear that you are leaving the club, branches are difficult to maintain over the winter months, but sometimes people meet up socially during that time, not necessarily at advertised branch meets. I looked after the Surrey / Sussex branch on an interim basis for a while when Mark Johns stepped down from being branch organiser, but my work, family, ‘Desmo’ and Horsham Piazza Italia commitments meant that I couldn’t continue doing that for more than a couple of years. A group of the ‘old’ Surrey / Sussex branch still meet up on a social basis on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.
Perhaps you could suggest / organise a meet in your area and see what happens? You may be pleasantly surprised …

I used to organise the east mids branch, we could get between 6 and 12 ducatis turning up in summer however through winter it was a complete waste of time, I suggested to the club that the branch be reorganised on a summer only basis, but nobody from the club ever got back to me on this

Some branches do run like this others run 12 months, it is up to the individual branch reps to decide what works best, some meet at week ends, others in the evening, some have rides, they are all different.

[size=150]There is no problem with having a summer only branch for your area. Please contact me and we can try an advert in desmo to see what interest you get.

branchboss@docgb.net [/size]

the west mids runs through 12 months, however its unlikley that dukes will turn up over the winter period. i for one wouldnt take mine out on salty roads unless it was important or very dry. :unamused: guess im a fair weather biker or whatever.
its what you make of it i guess, but different people have different commitments. trust me, im an expert on this one :laughing: