DS1000 Crankshaft

Hi all,
Does anyone know if the DS 1000 Multistrada crankshaft is interchangable with other engines ie 1000 sport etc. Mine has expired after some spirited riding, looks like lack of oil delivery to horizontal cylinder main bearings was the main cause. :open_mouth:

I would imagine that the crank is the same or very similar in all the 1,000 DS motors, maybe wrong though…

I’m assuming that you actually ment to say the bigend and not the main bearing?
Ducati cranks can be reground undersize and then rehardened, try G Tec on 01858 535411 I think they’ve got access to aftermarket bigend shell bearings.

Steve R

Thanks Steve R, and yes I did mean to say big end bearings. I will give G Tech a try.

I still need to find the cause, as only one set of shells overheated, partial blockage to oil feed in crank is my main suspect at the moment?

Just another note on undersized bigend shells, Ducati stopped listing them for the 851’s and later 4 valve motors,
But they still list them for the aircooled 900’s etc…
Yes they are the same part!
Here’s a link to the aftermarket shells:-

edovignaracing.com/index.php … 63&lang=en

Steve R