Ducat 848 electrical problems

Hi, apologies if this has been discussed before but I’m new to the forums.

I have a strange electrical issue with my 2008 848 in hoping someone’s come across before.

When I’m riding the headlights, indicators and dash back light will randomly go off, usually pulling the hi-beam trigger will put them back on although the engine warning light will then come on for a second and then it’s all back to normal. There are no issues mechanically with the bike and it’s pretty random as to when it happens, could be any point in the trip from first pulling away to 20 mins in and has happened in the dry and when I’ve been caught in the rain!

So far I’ve changed the relays (2 by the battery case and one behind nose fairing) and I’ve looked round for any earthing points that may be corroded, I found on on he left engine casing and one earth point for the ECU, all looked in good condition although I gave them a clean anyway just to be safe, all the fuses are ok.

Has anyone come across this before? Are there other earth points in missing? I’ve seen on a forum that the regulator/rectifier may be at fault??

Would really appreciate any thoughts or advice on what may be causing this



I doubt it’ll be the RegRec. You’ll need to get hold of a wiring diagram to check where the feeds are routed, but it would not cost much to open the left switchgear, check for corrosion, and douse liberally with contact cleaner and see if it makes a difference. And of course there’s the ritual of regularly pulling apart every connector, checking for corrosion, cleaning, greasing, reassembling, and wondering why you didn’t buy a Japanese (or German) bike…

Thanks, I’ve been over it today and the connections looked not too bad!

Cleaned a few up but the only real issue I came across was a broken kick stand switch! May explain it not always starting easily! Can’t see how that would do anything to lights though :frowning: , replacement ordered.

In the mean time we’ll see if the connector clean will make any difference

Hi Chris,
I had the same problem with my 1098 (2008).fine when started but once up to temperature ,i would loose the headlights,and indicators,but still have the revs and speedo running,then would work again.Bike ran fine also.Ran the bike upto 100 deg and wouldnt always happen,so would point to an intermittent fault and thought the same things you are.After trawling all the ducati site found it to be the rectifier at fault.Second hand one bought off ebay and problem fixed for me.Hope this helps
cheers Dave


You’re a star, picked a new one up and yesterday and fitted it, it’s early days but no problems today for the first time in ages, fingers crossed that’s done it!