Ducati 1198 clutch

Hi everybody,I bought my 1198 2 weeks ago and finally went for a really small ride round the estate when it was dry roads and the clutch worked normal at normal set off speed but if I went for a little more aggressive set off,only slightly faster it felt like it was trying to jerk me forwards and I had a noise from the dry clutch,I have no knowledge of the dry clutch or ducatis but I have had many sports bikes and it doesn’t feel right at all.my clutch has a gold /bronze plate that says ducati corse on it with 4 black washers that say Ducati performance.sorry to ramble on I just wondered if anybody knew anything.any help would be appreciated

With four nuts it sounds like a slipper clutch, they do work a bit differently.

Yes mate I rang ducati they said they are not made anymore I’m just thinking of getting a new setup really.

Just try it in a nice dry day, good for giving it a bit but not good for round town. Take a bit of getting used to

That sounds like Good advice . Also maybe just strip it and clean it . A good thing for cleaning the fibre plates is box washing powder. File unwanted burs off but be careful with that .
Clean everything .