Ducati 350 narrow case racer

Can anyone recommend a belly pan/ oil catch pan to fit under the engine, with a Vic Camp replica fairing on my Ducati 350 narrow case racer? I see TGA do one. any ideas??

Can I pick the collective brain…While fitting a replacement head into my 350 n/c racer I have just discovered the cam oilway is blocked at the bevel drive end; clearly purposely as its a short piece of steel rod. This would force all oil entering the head out through the cam lobes onto the rocker pad. I have been running the bike like this since I got it (unknowingly) but can’t see any adverse effects; in fact cam lobes and rocker pads are in v good shape, so perhaps it works. No signs of wear in the top bevels either, so presumably enough oil sloshes about to lubricate them, on its way back down the cam drive tunnel.
Does anyone know of this mod, I haven’t heard of it before. good or bad idea??

For the record Nigel Lacey tells me this is a common racing mod. As I suspected intended to divert more oil to the cam/ cam follower/ rocker arm surfaces, to reduce wear. so there we are, sensible mod for racing. Apparently Nigel would use a roll pin, which would leave a small (2mm ?) hole in the centre to a low some oil to the top bevels. mine doesn’t have that but plenty of oil seams to get to the bevels anyway.
Live a learn…

Looks like I’m answering my own questions again. bought a belly pan for Discovolantemoto at the recent Stafford show. good quality item which I have fitted.