Ducati 748 fuel pump issue!

Any ideas are greatly appreciated as the shop nearest me is booked one month out!

I recently began having an issue with my 748 where the fuel pump only comes on when I connect a jumper pack to the battery (not a great idea I know). The old battery I replaced worked okay but was pretty weak. Anyways, a while after I bought it, I trickle charged the battery, added some fresh gas and a little injector cleaner. After reinstalling the battery the issue started. The bike would crank but the pump wouldn’t turn on. All running lights work too. internet sweepstakes software

Presently it’s doing the same thing, even with a new battery. The pump only comes on with a boost. The bike cranks but doesn’t turn over to idle.

I’ve checked the relays under the seat but don’t know what else I should be looking for. Hoping it’s not an ECU related problem

Hi - I had similar problem (996) recently with engine cutting out that felt like fuel starvation. John Burrows at JHP says it was ‘probably’ the fuel pump relay starting to go. The thing would cut the engine (like running out of fuel) and then a day later be okay again - very frustrating. They (JHP) replace these on all the 916/748 family now at routine service intervals. I have replaced mine now and so far so good (only a couple of trips-out mind). It costs about £6 and resides to the left of the battery next to ignition relay and is a small black easily removed 4 pin black plastic cuboid.