DUCATI 848 EVO year 2011

Hi All,

I am tempted to give a little sister to my Multistrada.
The little sister is a Ducati 848 Evo,2011 with less than 6000 miles.

What shall I look for before to purchase it? any suggestions?

I never had two motorbike at the same time, before, can you suggest me if there are insurance policy for multiple bikes, how much it will cost to run both the bikes, etc?

Thanks for you help


They do need stablemate, they get lonely shut up in garages on their own, once you get a second it’s a slippery slope! :smiley:
At 6000 miles, servicing’s not going to be an issue, just check when it had belts changed, and factor this in when buying, they should be done every 2 years I think?
I’ve got 3 bikes on my insurance with Aviva via Carole Nash.
You would think that running multiple bikes would cost not much more that running one, after all you do the same mileage, but it does seem to cost more, there’s extra MOT, extra Tax at £85! and 2 lots of servicing, and I’m convinced that stuff seems to wear out on it’s own when I’m not riding it, tyre chains etc!
It’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.
I’ve got 6 on the go at the moment, what I like about it is the change, it’s great hopping off one to another.


Hi Kevin,
After lots of consideration, I have decided to not go for it :frowning:
But surely, there will be other opportunities to buy a little sister :slight_smile:



There’s always room for a Scrambler!


Or a Ducati single :wink: