Ducati 848 Light issue


I have a problem here…with the hardwired lights

Its for a Ducati 848 09 plate. My light fuse blew thus killing the hardwired front/rear lights and the dash backlight display(dash works).

So I replaced the blubs front and rear where blown, lo beam and plate light. Replaced the fuse, twice, replaced the engine fuse which had then blown, checked the other fuses, all are ok. The bike will start, just no running hard wired lights front/rear or dash backlight.
Hi beam works.

Stripped the rear led and noticed a nicked wire where the seat fairing had been tighten down on it, replaced that to be sure.

Still nothing, no hardwired running lights/lo beam/rear lights/dash backlight. When put in park the front running lights come on and the rear led and plate light. Indicators work.

What am I missing or failing to do.

BTW I am no electrics wizard.

anyone help

Does the 848 have a canbus wiring loom? Have you checked the wire isn’t pinched again, and any earthing points on the bike?

Hi Jon, my best advice is - again - to look for a specialised forum for YOUR bike. I Googled Ducati 848 forum and found half a dozen.

If your bike uses CanBus technology the diagnosis process will be very different, as well as the resolution, as the problem could involve the various nodes (I’m vaguely familiar with the technology, but not as it’s applied to Ducatis).

It’s always worthwhile checking for corrosion in connectors (quite frequent on bikes, Ducatis included), and shorts (a pinched wire may not cause a short but may result in a malfunction if it can’t carry enough current when under load).

I’m perplexed about your ‘engine’ fuse blowing. Which one is that? On my MTS there are two ‘large’ fuses: a ‘main’ fuse in the fuse box and another one for the charging circuit.

Sorry if this does not sound very helpful, but if you send me your phone number I can call you and explain in more detail.