Ducati 851 Thermo Switch

Hi, I am trying to return a Ducati 851 to good running condition, It is a USA import that has not been run for a few years. it had some ugly white plumbing pipe work on the right hand side of engine where the thermostat used to fit. After ringing Ducati Peterborough who were very helpful. Positive mention deserved! I rand Ducati Manchester as told they are oldest dealer and might have old stock no joy but also helpful.

Ducati no longer make the Thermo switch!!! so found one on Ebay that said it fitted 851. It looks similar![ but does not fit…grhh. It would help if any one can post a picture of an 851 with fairing side off showing pipework and layout. Can’t find anything on the www.

Any advice gratefully received.

Hi Dennis,

I know its a long way from you but I use Moto Rapido in Winchester and find they are very helpful, knowledgeable and provide a spares service. They just sorted my ST3 which I bought unseen and needed a bit of remedial works. I was there yesterday and I think they had a 851 on the lifts in the workshop. Try calling Andy on 01962 873984.

Good luck, SteveR

Hi Steve

Thanks for your reply. I will give Andy a call and see if he can/will help me out. Enjoy your ST3


If you can’t get from Moto Rapido or any other of the dealers let us know and we can widen the search

Hi Martyn

I still have not managed to find part or even get a picture of original part fitted to bike. Any help you can offer would be muck appreciated.



Ok, next stop Luigi Moto, Rich Llewellin, search on google and give him a call

Is ST2 series plumbing parts a good fit.

Did you find one?
If not I’ve got one or two kicking around somewhere.
I don’t run a thermostat or fan on my 851/955.

Steve R…The original and not some imposter!

Hi Steve

No can’t find one anywhere, they are like rocking horse droppings. If you can help out it would be greatly appreciated. Even a picture of an original one has been evading me, other than on schematic.