Ducati 916 help

Hi all I’ve just brought a Ducati 916 which has sat in a family friends front room for the last 20 years it’s never been registered in the UK just seeing how I would go about this it’s only done 6000km 3720 miles from new. Think it’s a 1998 buy the frame number but the zdm is 15 In total including the stars but I can’t check as everywhere wants a 17 digit code. Or the Dgm****98M I think.
Thanks in advance

If you go to the main page af the clubs website there is information there on how to get a dating certificate, something the club can help with

Thanks martyn.
I’m struggling to find this do I need to sign up to be able to find this.
Many thanks

Sell it to me instead, and I’ll do it! :grinning:

No, it is on the club website, www.docgb.org