Ducati 955sp

Hi I have a duc 955sp and was wondering if any one could give me any information in regards history on these bikes and wether I could get any info on my bike and were it started out life cheers

There was only around 200 916SPA’s which were actually 955cc’s built to homologate this capacity for AMA racing in the USA, they were all originally intended for the American market, but a few found their way onto the European/UK market. The “A” in the model designation standing for SP "A"merica.
The rest of the world got the 916SP’s which were 916cc, but they had the crankcases modified to accept the SP barrels, these having thicker walls to enable them to be bored and re-plated out to 96mm for 955cc’s.
The original 916 Corse bikes were all 955cc.

Steve R

Hi yeah my bike has a plate on top yoke saying 955sp no9 and was wondering how I could find out we’re it has the A on any of no like frame or engine to find out more depth of understanding of my bike cheers

Hi all how could I find out wether the a is actually what my bike is and what other info could I find out about these fab Ducati keen to learn all I can with facts things like where my bike first went to etc cheers all

Hi Lionel,
If you contact Livio Lodi at the Ducati factory (he’s in charge of the museum) with your engine and frame numbers, he should be able to tell you just what model you actually have.
Another Ducati owner who lives and races a 916SPS (actually 996cc’s) in South Africa recently bought another bike as a spare/back up, the numbers seemed strange to him so he contacted the factory, the reply came back that he’d just bought a genuine 955cc 916 Corse model.

Steve R

Yes, best bet is to contact Livio Lodi email livio.lodi@ducati.com and mention that you’re a member of DOC GB