Ducati 996 stalls then won't start

Hi all, I replace a dud battery last week for a new one. Went out for a 30 mile ride and everything was ok. Got the bike out again in the week, it ran ok then stalled and would not start, it turned over but the fuel pump didn’t prime.l had the bike recoverd and ask around for help. I was advised it was the immobiliser on the alarm which was a datatool veto evo, its 15 years old and can’t get spares so it was taken out. The bike started with no problems then it stalled again, fortunately I was close to home and put it back in the garage. The next day it turned over again and ran for about 15 mins then stalled. I have no idea what’s wrong :blush:
Any thoughts please. I know I should take it to a garage but can’t ride it there incase I break down.


Does it charge?

Yes, I’ve checked the battery and it’s 12.5v after trying to start it.

Hello Pete.
Well if it’s starting OK it’s probably charging OK, it sounds like you have a problem with the supply to the fuel pump, check the connections, and check the connections where the alarm / immobiliser was removed?


Thanks for your reply Kevin, I’m puzzled, I checked the bike again today and it started ! It runs then stalls again. Something must right itself after I’ve left it. Im wondering if it could be a relay, I’ll check the side stand when I get chance, only thing is when it stall and won’t start the fuel pump doesn’t prime, I have the bike on a paddock stand so I test the side stand by putting it up and down, you can hear the ECU relay click but no pump. The day after when you move the stand it works ? So the pump is ok, something is working intermittently may be cooling down or resetting itself ??? I will plod on.


Replace the two relays under the seat. They are known weak points, probably due to all the heat and crap they get in that location. Then try substituting the old ones, one at a time. If one of them works OK then you have a spare for next time. If that doesn’t cure it then fuel pump and it’s wiring would be my next port of call, check for split fuel lines and blocked filter. These are other well documented problems that you might as well check whilst you are in there.

Thanks for your replies, I tested the wiring to the fuel pump and found I had a burst of around 12.5v for around a second or 2 so it’s getting electric. I then tested if I was getting a circuit from the conector from the pump. The circuit was closed so no constant feed. I then took the pump out of the tank and tested the pump with a 12v battery, it worked so the pump was fine. I then checked the fuel sensor and wiring, YES I found the problem, the sensor works but the wiring for the pump was faulty, it had an intermittent contact so the BLACK wire had a small break in it, unfortunately it couldn’t be repaired so £110 later a new one was ordered. Once it arrives fingers crossed this will be the problem, the fault does makes sense with the intermittent running of the bike, I’ll post the findings once the sensor arrives and I install it. :smiley: Pete.

:smiley: YES all fixed and ready to go. Hope this post helps anyone else who may come across this problem. :bulb:

Useful info Pete, glad you got it sorted out.

You clearly have a logical, analytical mind, and enough knowledge to carry out the relevant tests. You also had a little bit of luck that the problem happened in controlled conditions; these intermittent faults can be very hard to recreate on the bench, resulting in endless frustration and sometimes huge bills as perfectly healthy components are replaced with no benefit.

Well done!