Ducati Desmo race series now with NG Road Racing

Just like to say I am chuffed that the desmo’s will be with NG Road Racing at Anglesey this weekend.

I hope to see you all there (although not too closely) as I am marshalling at Church Corner all three days.

I am sure you will have a great time with the best racing club in Great Britain (in my humble opinion).

:wink: Great club!

Great stuff, good job being a Marshall as well.
The whole series or this race, is it another Desmo Race Series ??

It is the Desmo Due series that was with New Era and obviously has had to find another home following the sad demise of that club.

Not sure if it is permanent (i hope it is), but listed as a guest class at present.

I did not know it had changed, always wanted to get to a round but now t managed it yet !!