Ducati Globetrotter 90°: the fourth stage concludes Stateside

Ducati Globetrotter 90°: the fourth stage concludes Stateside

Eduardo Generali, the fourth Ducati Globetrotter 90° “torch-bearer” has completed his journey from San Francisco to Indianapolis
The trip now continues in the direction of New York, as Australian Steve Fraser sets out to complete the ‘coast to coast’, riding the Multistrada 1200 Enduro as far as New York
The around the world travel diary is online at [www.globetrotter90.ducati.com](http://www.globetrotter90.ducati.com)

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 26 October 2016 – The fourth stage of the around the world voyage with the Multistrada 1200 Enduro has come to a successful end. Brazilian Eduardo Generali, having completed 5300 km along roads crossing the American West, has arrived in Indianapolis, where he passed the Globetrotter 90° torch on to Steve Fraser. Steve, the fifth motorcyclist selected to take part in this thrilling adventure, will continue the ‘coast to coast’, riding from Indiana to New York.

Brazilian globetrotter Eduardo Generali took on an exciting stage, covering and documenting, over a period of 17 days, his US trip. He captured images and sensations with the camera mounted on the Globetrotter 90° torch and recounted his experiences in the online diary, continuously updated at official site www.globetrotter90.ducati.com.

Eduardo defined his trip as “a unique experience!” The Brazilian globetrotter has visited places that are legendary and, at the same time, historic for Ducati. He took his bike onto the legendary Laguna Seca racetrack, riding the famous Corkscrew, that spectacular downhill left-right turn that has written unforgettable pages in the Ducati history books. A racetrack at which, in 1986, Marco Lucchinelli was the first Italian to score a race win in the AMA championship, a milestone that led to the birth of the celebrative 750 F1 Laguna Seca model. This was followed by Superbike race wins for Troy Corser in 1995 and 1998, for John Kocinski in 1996 and Anthony Gobert in 1999, Ben Bostrom in 2001, Troy Bayliss in 2002 and Pierfrancesco Chili and Rubén Xaus in 2003. The Ducati MotoGP has also experienced success at this track, with Casey Stoner winning the American race in 2007 before going on to win the world title on board his Desmosedici GP07. Another important memory was created recently by Chaz Davies, when he scored the double Superbike race win at this track with the 1299 Panigale in 2015.

From Laguna Seca, Eduardo visited Robb Talbott’s new museum in nearby Carmel Valley, where many Ducati bikes are exhibited, including some real stand-outs such as the 1950 “60 Sport” and the 1951 “125 cc Gran Sport”. Having left Carmel Valley, he continued on to Los Angeles where he met his father Ricardo, who wanted to join his son on this adventure, travelling with him across the Mojave Desert to reach Death Valley. Breath-taking views and beautiful roads accompanied them to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods in Utah, with the pair often needing to ride the Multistrada 1200 Enduro off-road before reaching the spectacular Backcountry Routes in Colorado.

Uphill, downhill, over sand, gravel and stones; after the passes of Ophir, Cumberland and Cottonwood, surrounded by snow-covered peaks, Eduardo reached Colorado Springs where he took the road that leads to Pikes Peak. It is here that America’s best-known uphill time trial takes place, the “race towards the clouds” that Ducati won on three consecutive occasions between 2011 and 2013, and to which the Multistrada 1200 of the same name is dedicated.

Once at Denver, Eduardo waved goodbye to his father and continued on alone, riding the lonely highways that cut through the great plains. He crossed Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and then Indiana and Indianapolis, home to the world’s most famous racetrack, where Nicky Hayden scored his first MotoGP podium with Ducati in 2009.

Here at the ‘Brickyard’, the torch was passed to the fifth globetrotter, Australian Steve Fraser.

Steve is from Kalamunda, in Perth. Describing himself as a “professional photographer and adventurer”, the 50-year old is a “landscaper”, or photographer who specialises in capturing scenery and spectacular views. “My passion for bikes – explains Steve – and love for photography have taken me all over the world. Travelling by bike has taught me to look at life for what it is, helping me to develop, but also challenge, my character. During this adventure with the Ducati, my greatest wish is that I’m able to transmit and share all the feelings that I’m bound to experience over the course of the trip, sharing them with as many people as possible and attempting to capture the spirit of every place I pass”.

From Indianapolis, Steve will travel towards Cincinnati and then Birmingham to visit two very important collectors who possess authentic rare Ducati models. He will then set out on the long ride to the Daytona racetrack in Florida, before arriving in New York.

To follow the GLOBETROTTER 90° adventure: official site www.globetrotter90.ducati.com; Ducati Facebook page; as well as Twitter and Instagram #globetrotter90