Ducati GPS tracker device

Hi All,

I was chatting to a friend of mine that he has a GS BMW, he told me that BMW provide a tracking device on the bike.

Does anybody knows if Ducati has such devices to install on my motorbike ( Multistrada) or there are some other alternatives, for a piece in mind?



Not sure, I know you can buy a tracker from a dealer, do you mean phone based ??

I don’t believe BMW make their own tracker. They may have done a promotion that gave one away, as we are currently when you register a 959 Panigale. http://www.ducatiuk.com/news/free_biketrac_when_you_purchase_a_new_959_panigale/index.do

I do believe they endorse the same tracker as we do. Have a look at BikeTrac https://biketrac.co.uk/

There are also a few other companies that produce GPS trackers, one made by Datatool and one by Tracker.

Hi Carmine,

I got a Road Angel tracker fitted by my Ducati dealer.
The tracking service is provided by BikeTrac: biketrac.co.uk
It’s working fine in my bike.

Hope it helps.