Ducati history at Cheffins sale

Hello all,

Saturday 15th October Cheffins Vintage Sale at Sutton saleground, Cambs
lot no’s 780, 794, 808-823 and 826 + any others I have missed.
I am dropping some lots in on the Thursday that I have entered and will view the above lots if they are there.
As the date clashes with Stafford and I can not be in two places at once there is the option of using i-bidder.com but will need to register before the sale.
If the club wanted to bid for any of the lots then it could be done live from Stafford.
Not got a clue as to the financial state of the club due to missing the last two CoM meetings because of work so it’s down to those that do know if this is of interest or not.

I understand that quite a lot of Mick Walker’s items have been auctioned, he’s not at all well these days - does anyone know if the items are being sold in order to help him get through the remainder of his life in comfort?
Also, I think that we should send something to Mick, he’s been a supporter of the club over the years, and an important part of the history of Ducati.

Don’t know about the stuff being auctioned but yes, we should do something.

I am sorry to read of Mick’s ill health. We both used to race Tiger Cubs in the late 1960s - early 1970s.