Ducati Link App

Has anyone actually successfully managed to complete the addition of “mybike” to the Link App?

My bluetooth is paired and works perfectly. I run through the steps on the App and get to the point where you select the found bike (showing mac address underneath) and then it fails to download the bike data (stage 6/8)…

“I failed to get the bike data. Check your internet connection and retry”

…There’s nothing wrong with my internet connection so the message is misleading.

Any ideas?

@ScottyMac Can you non bypass by entering bike manual, that’s what I had to do with my ST3:smiley:

Yes, that works but means I can’t use any of the exciting features like setup my riding modes, suspension etc. I sent a support request via the app a while back and I’ve had zero response. All a bit shabby!

Nothing that exciting on the st3 so hope someone else can help:facometer::disappointed:

I have my bikes set up in the App add me on there

It’s randomly decided to allow me to add the bike using bluetooth! Woohoo!! Problem solved (no idea how… possibly an app update)

I’ve not got to the community part of the app… not sure I’d want to add that level of pressure to my riding? Looks like the app records all sorts of stats that are likely to induce lunacy to best your online friends!

It just tracks you, it does not share any information.

Ah OK cool… so we shall ban talk of lean angles and acceleration g-force in the pub! :laughing:

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