Ducati Monster 1200, Monster 1200 S and Monster 1200 S Stripe: add to its sporting soul with a Ducati Performance vouch

Ducati Monster 1200, Monster 1200 S and Monster 1200 S Stripe: add to its sporting soul with a Ducati Performance voucher worth £750.

Monster 1200, 1200 S and Stripe versions now available with a £750 Performance voucher
Monster 1200 from £119 per month and Monster 1200 S and Stripe versions from £135 per month with Ducati TriOptions finance
Monster 821 and Monster 821 Stripe both available from £95 per month with TriOptions finance

For 2015 the Monster range offers more than ever with the introduction of the Monster Stripe in 821 and 1200 S versions. The Stripe variants join the current 821, 821 Dark, 1200 and 1200 S in the Monster family line-up.

The Monster 1200 S Stripe is now available from £135 per month on Ducati TriOptions finance as is the 1200 S. The standard Monster 1200 is not left out and has the affordable option of TriOptions finance at £119 per month. In addition all new Monster 1200 models registered from now until the 30th September are eligible for a £750 Ducati Performance voucher. This voucher can be spent on Ducati Performance clothing and accessories from official Ducati dealers.

The Monster 1200 S and 821 Stripe stand out from the rest on account of an exclusive red colour scheme of double white side-stripes, a red micro-fairing with windshield plus a red frame and black wheels.

The Monster 1200 S is powered by an 1198 cm³ Testastretta 11° DS engine, with a maximum output of 145 hp at 8,750 rpm and features Öhlins suspension front and rear, while the standard Monster 1200 delivers 135 hp @ 8750rpm and benefits from fully adjustable 43 mm Kayaba forks with an adjustable single Sachs unit on the rear.

All Monster 1200 versions include TFT instrumentation and Riding Modes, as well as the Ducati Safety Pack with three-level ABS and eight-level DTC (Ducati Traction Control). The ‘S’ has in addition wheels with a Y-shape spoke design, LED indicators, a front carbon mudguard.

The Monster 821 and 821 Dark are not included in the Ducati Performance voucher scheme, but these and the Monster Stripe are available on Ducati TriOptions finance from £95 per month.

The 821 cm³ Testastretta 11° engine provides a maximum power of 112 hp at 9,250 rpm, suspension consists of 43 mm Kayaba forks (fully adjustable on the Stripe version) and an adjustable Sachs unit at the rear. LCD instrumentation and Riding Modes are standard equipment, as is the Ducati Safety Pack, with three different ABS sensitivity levels and eight different DTC (Ducati Traction Control) levels.

For more information on the Monster range, Ducati TriOptions finance and Ducati Performance and Apparel visit www.ducatiuk.com