Ducati Montjuich F1 750

Ducati F1 750 Montjuich 1986 in very good condition. My dad has owned this since 1998, never ridden, always dry stored and well looked after as you can see. He bought it direct from an Italian motorcycle collector Mr Gianlucca Cuzzanni.

1986 Montjuich 750 F1
Engine number ZDM 750L 7502014
Frame number ZDM 750R 7600148
Speedo reading 11,523 Km (7,202 miles)
Brass plate on petrol tank reading production no. 148

Mr Cuzzani had asked me to return the original registration documents so he could remove himself as being the owner from Italian records. Vehicle registration office in Taunton informed me this was in order if the originals were photocopied and date stamped by them. They said the photocopies would be perfectly acceptable to them in the future.

So I now have:

Photocopy of original document date stamped by vehicle registration office (taunton) and signed “ORIGINAL SEEN” and shows shows correct frame and Italian reg. number.

Photocopy of certificate of ownership from Italian automobile club in the name of GIANLUCA CUZZANI, showing correct vehicle details. On back of this certificate is printed that I bought this motorcycle. This photocopy again was signed and date-stamped by VRO Taunton “original seen”.

ORIGINAL notarised Bill of Sale from GIANLUCA CUZZANI to me dated 28/09/1998 showing correct details.
MOT dated 25/05/1999 showing km. reading 11,521.

The wheels presently fitted to the Montjuich are non standard but this change is noted on the original registration document. I have the original MARVIC wheels which will be put on and sold with the bike.

Asking price is £17,000

Please get in touch with any questions.

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