Ducati multistrada 620

sorry i’m new to this but how would i put a value on my 620 and dose any one else have on in Stockport or near by with in say 65 miles range as i have not seen any other around .Thanks

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Brilliant bikes the 620 Multistrada, how long have you had it?
I’m on my 12th year with mine, looking forward to many more.

sorry i did not get back sooner but not good with tec
had mine for two years had lot of problem but getting there with it .do you know of any body who can help set up the injection system on the bike as the soft were is over £400 and i have not got the hook up to a computer system . were about are you in the country im SK6 7PT is that any were near you ?

No sorry I don’t know if anyone in your area. Maybe email your local branch rep from the website and see who they know of.

Hi. I just joined the group as a result of buying a 2006 620 in average condition. I live in Didsbury - so quite close to you. Thanks

Lots of rides and events in the Manchester area and out of Ducati Manchester