Ducati Museum

Hi anyone ridden to the museum/factory and got any advice and maybe a good off motorway route. Was looking to take my time riding there and back in June. If anyone else was thinking of going the company would be welcomed cheers Paul Somerset club member

I’ve been down during WDW, and a few times when flying in.
We din’t use motorways through France.
We did some of the passes through Switzerland but you will need to buy a vignette to use their motorways and trunk roads, but its a must as travelling on Swiss A roads in the town is a nightmare!
The last 150 miles form Milan to Bologna is very busy, but the A roads are not worth using so just stick with the Autostrada.
I would suggest down through France & Switzerland and back up through the Dolomites, Austria & Germany Black Forrest, Belgium.
Don’t forget that you need to book your factory tour before turning up.


Thanks Kevin how long did it take you to get there and did you wing it with Accomodation or pre book. Going to invest in a sat nav so any unmissable sights can be fed in so if anyone has a must do let me know thanks again.

Hello Paul.
We did Dudley to Bologna which is about 1000 miles in 5 days, which was a fairly leisurely pace.
Dudley - Valenciennes via the tunnel 350 miles - all motorway : :cry:
Valenciennes - Epinal 260 miles - mostly N & D roads
Epinal - Spiez 180 miles - Mostly A roads
Spiez - Lecco - 190 miles - Via Susten Pass, all A roads but we would have been better off jumping on some of the Swizz Motorways to avoid towns etc
Lecco - Bologna - 170 miles - Half & half, busy roads…

On the way back we did:
Misano - Somewhere in the Dolomites (lovely) 220 miles - A roads
Somewhere in the Dolomites - Bregenz 260 miles Half & half
Bregenz - Top of the Black Forrest via A500 180 miles
Top of the Black Forrest - Luxembourg City (don’t bother) 190 miles Half & half
Luxembourg - Ypres 200 miles Half & half

I wuld prefer to take my time and see some places.
This time we will probably do it in 4 days, which is about right I think, any less and it’s just all motorway or very long days…
Don’t try to do Switzerland or Austria without a Vignette!

We booked all the hotels as there were 4 of us, and my wife would have shouted at me if we ended up riding around trying to find hotels after 6 hours of riding in the rain!
Some of the others just found places as they went, which is easier for just 2 people etc?
The best thing to do is find some nice roads, then use motorways to avoid towns and boring busy stretches of road