‘Ducati On track’ at Silverstone Circuit

‘Ducati On track’ at Silverstone Circuit

Opportunity to ride a Ducati 959 on track for only £285
California Superbike School provide guidance on and off track
Three dates to be held at Silverstone National Circuit
A fleet of twenty 959 Panigales available

California Superbike School in association with Ducati UK has launched for 2017, a new unique track experience, named ‘Ducati on track’.

‘Ducati on track’, has been created for those wishing for a taste of riding on track for the first time or realising a dream of riding a Ducati in its natural environment. This experience will be hosted at the world renowned Silverstone circuit, home of the British MotoGP and F1 Grand Prix and will take place on the National circuit.

The Northamptonshire track, home to Ducati UK and California Superbike School in the UK, will play host to three of these exclusive ‘Ducati on track’ dates in 2017. The first ‘Ducati on track’ event will take place on May 17th, followed by two more on June 7th and 2nd August.

20 of the acclaimed 959 Panigales, will be made available to customers who will have the chance to book a place for either the morning or afternoon. Riders will experience the thrill of three sessions on track of approximately 20 minutes. These will be accompanied by experienced CSS guides who will monitor track activity and ensure that guests enjoy their time on the Panigale in a relaxed and safe environment. .

The cost of this incredible opportunity to ride a Ducati is only £285 for either the morning or afternoon session and includes bike hire, fuel, tyres and insurance. Riders must have either a full motorcycle licence or an ACU licence.

Leathers can be hired depending on availability, pre-booking is advisable. Lunch is not included, but food and refreshments can be purchased from the nearby Pitstop Café.

For more information about the California Superbike School visit wendy@superbikeschool.co.uk Tel: 01327 855554

For further information on the 959 Panigale and the rest of the 2017 Ducati model range visit www.ducatiuk.com

Ducati on track’ offers riders the chance to experience the stunning Ducati 959 Pangale in its natural environment on the world famous Silverstone circuit.

California Superbike School: Founded by the legendary Keith Code in 1980, the California Superbike School offers a step-by-step method of technique oriented rider training in the art of cornering motorcycles. The four California Superbike School training levels are completed in order with each of the first three levels presenting precise technical riding skills, taught the old fashioned way - one step at a time. Each skill builds upon the last to create a complete package of control and confidence.