Ducati Owners Club Track Days?

Yesterday I had lots of fun on my 848 at a BMW Motorcycle Club track day. It was very well run with riders grouped according to ability/experience. It was road bikes only, not tyre warmers etc allowed. Obviously quite a few BMW’s and not just 1000RR’s, there were GS’s hooning around too. Amongst he other makes there were around a dozen Ducati’s including Panigales and older SuperBikes, SuperSports and Monsters.
As Ducati has such an awesome sporting heritage, I was wondering whether the Ducati Owners Club organises track days?

Hi, the club does not organise track days, Ducati do, this year there have been Ducati only at Brands, Silverstone and Donington

Thanks Martyn748, I will look into that.

The club used to run annual track days, organised direct with track owners but staffed and run by club volunteers. Great value and hugely popular. I recall one at Cadwell that lasted the whole weekend, complete with marquee and band. Unfortunately at a later occasion the use of the track was cancelled at virtually the last minute, with scutineering already underway. IIRC the reason given was that they had discovered damage to the main track caused by a recent car event (why was the track inspection left to the last minute?) I think they offered the use of the mountain section in lieu - hardly comparable - but refused any refund. The club felt obliged to offer full refunds which caused huge financial issues. I think there had also been a problem at some point with several last minute guests (non members) abusing the system and not paying. A long time ago now and my recollection unlikely to be 100% but the upshot was that the club handed over track days to a third party organizer. A real shame as they were cracking social events

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We did a few more after that but the problem is people do not book, they either don’t like the circuit of choice or date etc. It is then thrown open and that is where it goes wrong.

Thanks for the reply’s. Its a pity they don’t happen any more, but can understand why.

The Ducati UK ones are popular and not just for Panigale’s, everything is there, there are Ducati riders and celebs as well, it is Ducati only as well