Ducati revisited

Hi all
I’ve recently bought a 748 none runner after a 15 year gap, bit of a gamble but fancied something to tinker with! Snapped cam belt bent values and smashed up guides, and here’s me thinking it was going to be just a spark plug fault ha!
Week or so later after waiting for special tools and parts its running again, to find the clutch slave now leaks plus noisy in operation too. Stripped it down and it’s been cooked so need new!
Can anyone advice on a good replacement kit? Seen a barnet kit from USA which reads ok but if anyone knows of another make of kit it would help in making my a choice.
Cheers carl Leeds

I see you are in Leeds.

Ducati John (google it) is very near you and is all you need for everything Ducati fixing.

Cheers for the info I gave John a call, said pop over and I’ll see if I can help. Overhauled my original slave cylinder and sorted me a clutch kit, he even supplied me with some rivets for my termignoni end caps.
Top bloke and very helpful even though he was rushed off his feet.

He certainly is, glad you got it sorted