Ducati Santa Monica F1 750

Another extremely rare Ducati from my dads collection. Has been extremely well looked after, never ridden just cleaned and idolised and always been dry stored. Bought by my dad from a private seller in Italy Mr Claudio Recchioni in 1998.

1988 Santamonica 750 F1

Engline no. ZDM 750L1 750405

Frame no. ZDM 750LS 750321

Speedo reading 24,334 Km (15,210 miles)

Re-registered by me approx. 1998/1999 under reg. no E377 AYB All original Italian reg. documents surrended to VRO (DVLA) at that time.

In 2002 transferred registration documents into the name JAMES WOLSEY (my son)

MOT dated 08/10/1998 showing km. reading 24,334

Notarised bill of sale from original (sole) owner, CLAUDIO RECCHIONI to me dated 13/08/1998

This shows correct vehicle details.

Italian road tax payment book for this motorcycle under its Italian reg. no (GE 249566).

Asking price is £16,500. Any questions please ask.

Hi James, my name is Peter. I am looking around for Santamonica or Laguna Seca so I found your advert. Are there any more information/pictures you can share?

Wow, stunning bike, really stunning.