Ducati Scooter

Is this what you might call an odd ball?

Must admit, if I saw one I would buy it, just to be different, although most of allI would like a Ducati 3 wheeled van!

There is a Ducati Scooter in the museum admin corridor. I have some pictures which I got by asking one of the Admin staff to take for me.

I suspect that there’s one owned by a DOC GB member … :wink:

The pic in the first entry is of a Ducati Cruiser scooter, c1952-3. Very advanced for its day, 4 stroke, electric start, 175ohv. Far too expensive for the times, they built a small number but in 50 years of being a Ducatisti I’ve never seen one.
Bizarrely around 2008 a brand new pair of side panels appeared on ebay from somewhere in the states.

In the 60s Ducati built many small 2 strokes, all powered by versions of the same engine, in sizes from 48cc via 70, 80 90, up to 98cc. There were 2 scooters called Brio, 48 and 98 versions, each appeared in a sort of ‘Mk1’ and later ‘Mk2’ model. I have a ‘Mk1’ 48cc Brio.

As to ducati diesels, first let me point out there were diesels and there were outboard motors, and they are not the same thing.I don’t know a geat deal about the outboards, but the diesels were stationary engines and were designed for powering machinery etc. Many of them went to Australia and got used for things like fire pumps. There was a firm in the USA that refurbed them and stuck their own name on, it was the name of a state (Winsconsin, Michigan, something like that).
The diesel were imported into the UK in the 60s by a firm in Worthing called Ruhaak.

About 17 years ago I opened the hatch on a narrowboat (that was moored outside my favourite pub on the River Lea)to see if I could see why it had lost the drive to the propeller…
I was stunned to say the least to find a Ducati diesel engine in there, of course all of the bikers present laughed and said “That’s why it’s broken down, it’s a Ducati”.

Steve R

Not true of course :wink:

I have also spoken to a canalboat owner who had a Ducati engine in his barge close to Tarporley, he was after spares.


Have anyone seen a petrol Ducati stationary engine before?

I have one but need information on it (Year manufactured, Original colour scheme, etc)

On the Internet I can only get a YouTube video of the IS7 Diesel engine but don’t get any mention of a petrol version

Thank you