Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories now available at Ducati dealerships and at the online shop

Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories now available at Ducati dealerships and at the online shop

The Ducati Scrambler world and its lifestyle available at Ducati dealerships
Sportswear and merchandising items can also be purchased online at shop.ducati.com/scrambler
The Ducati Scrambler collections, confirm the “Land of Joy” approach that characterises this new lifestyle brand

Borgo Panigale (Bologna), 18 March 2015 – The dedicated Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories line is now available at Ducati dealerships and at our online shop.

The Scrambler has been conceived as nothing less than a lifestyle. A world of bikes, accessories and apparel, characterised by creativity and free expression where fun and shared thrills make it more special than ever. Just as it’s possible to choose a version of the bike, so everyone can now choose and purchase the accessories and apparel that best mirror its own personality.

Casual, outdoor, authentic, the Ducati Scrambler apparel collection promotes free expression, in line with the modern philosophy, offering an up-to-date interpretation of the stylistic heritage of the past. Its “post-heritage” style is based on choosing the very best from the past to make it into absolutely innovative, contemporary designs.

The apparel is intended not just as “riding gear”, but as a true lifestyle option, able to cross and mix the boundaries between technical gear and fashion items.
The result is a vast, cross-generational collection of essential, authentic items with a contemporary feel, suitable for customers from all age groups.

Named after the English word “to scramble” (mixing up, blending), the Ducati Scrambler is a form of expression of the rider’s identity and lifestyle. The four motorcycle versions (Icon, Full Throttle, Classic and Urban Enduro) are just a starting point to create an absolutely unique and personalised model. Thanks to a wide range of ingredients, each Ducati Scrambler can be customised to suit any owner’s tastes.

A vast array of Ducati Performance ‘ingredients’ can be used to personalise the Ducati Scrambler, for example, chrome, matt black, or even carbon fibre tank side panels are available. Then there are a variety of solutions regarding the front mudguard, high plate holder, tank bag, canvas and leather panniers, high and low Termignoni slip-on exhaust, headlamp rim and grille, instrument panel rim, vintage grips, rear-view mirrors plus spoked wheels, four different seat versions and the low-slung tapered handlebars.

To enter the “Land of Joy”, just head for the nearest Ducati dealership and check out the collections and “ingredients” that will make each Ducati Scrambler unique. Alternatively, go to shop.ducati.com/scrambler, where a broad selection of sportswear and merchandising items are available and can be shipped directly to your home.