Ducati Servicing

Hello All,

I am a new Ducati owner and have picked up an ST4 on a V Reg 1999 plate.
I did purchase this from a shop and it has lots of service history but to be honest I always like to get my bikes serviced and checked over when I buy them. My problem is this is my first Ducati and it rides SO very different to any of the many bikes I have ever owned and I am not totally positive if it is running as it should. I had booked a services with a Motorbike mechanic prior to picking up the bike (who is collecting and dropping off and now has the parts) so had no reservations at that time and while I considered going to a dealer after emailing Ducati in Lincoln twice I was put off as I got absolutely no response at all and each time I tried to call they were engaged.

My question is - Do many of you actually go to non Ducati dealers to get your bikes setup and services? I have found a chap
Called Paul at KLMoto who will collect the bike and services it for me. I have asked all the right questions but would like some advice and experiences from you guys?


I do all of my own work, but anything you need a special tool for that I don’t have goes to Alec at Ducati Pro Team in Strood, Kent. Maybe if my bike was in warranty I’d use a main dealer, but otherwise I’d rather use a one man band who cares about proper customer service!

Since none of my bikes are under warranty I tend to do all of my own work as well. If I need a special tool I either buy it or borrow it.

Check out the tool hire service offered to club members on our website.

You guys have inspired me - Next service I am doing myself and it will be a first!!

I also do my own servicing. I find it very satisfying to do it and at least you know it has been done.

Hi j3ster

Main dealer prices should get you top level service, so its not good that you have not had a satisfactory response with Ducati Lincoln, they are always a very friendly place when you call in.
You could try V-Due in Lincoln, a friend had her Monster serviced there recently.
I have used Cornerspeed near Mansfield for the last few years and am happy to recommend him for anything you do not want to attempt yourself.

Just got her back and am very impressed with the Service I recieved. Being that this is my first Duke and I was pretty much in his hands I could not be happier. Bike was picked up Serviced and Dropped off and even got cleaned. A couple of the parts I bought like the Belts did not need doing so they were returned with all my old parts for me to see the state of them. I got an itemised receipt and a breakdown of things like Brake mm’s left etc and things I should keep an eye on. I would not normally advertise peoples services but if anyone does want a number these areas are covered by the guy.
And all surrounding villages

That said I may still have a go myself at the simpler things. Its all part of the fun.

don’t know whereabouts in lincs you are but anything I can’t tackle myself I take to SPR in Notts which may or may not be close to you