Ducati timing belts v pattern parts

Firstly hello to anyone who reads this and Thanks for letting me post a question !! I’m an ex 900 GTS owner from way back and recently re-entered the fold on buying an ST4S . My question is simply does any Ducati Owners Club member use Dayco or similar belts ? I’m guessing that the answer is no , but would like this confirmed . Many thanks :pray:

Yes, I have Dayco on a Paso and a Monster, not had any issue with them

Thanks Martin , I think you might be one of the few Ducati owners who will admit there’s anything out there worth fitting except Ducati parts !! Can I ask if you regularly fit Dayco or was it a one off ? I have been digging around and spoken to a Ducati whizz mechanic man who is the distributor for Exact cambelts in Oz . Then found Exact being sold on eBay so will probably go with them . It may be worth looking at Exact which are more money than Dayco . There are some interesting videos they posted where they do some “stress testing “ on various belts …

I am on my third set on Muenster and second on Paso, ran them three years and four years

Thanks Martyn , that gives me confidence to not be a sheep following the herd down Ducati only road ! Nothing wrong with sticking with what you know , but it seems to me they’ve been on to a good thing too long . Just shows how conservative we can be …

On my 749 though I use genuine ones, don’t know why, I just do !!

Dayco would be fine on there as well though

Is the 749 a more sporty engine… god help you !! The ST4 scares me almost rigid while at the same time filling me with confidence ! Weird !!

+1 for ExactFit belts here, on all my bikes.

Hi Paul , have you been using Exact for long , I was thinking of using them but I don’t plan on pushing the bike too hard , really just some light touring and day trips . I haven’t ridden anything this fast before so I need to get used to it all .

Ever since I started doing my own belt changes I’ve bought and used ExactFit belts. If you google CA Cycleworks you’ll find some info on them, they’re a californian company but ExactFit are their EU distributor - I’m sure you’ll find links/info if you google ExactFit or ExactStart (he does upgraded starter cables as well, a worthwhile upgrade IMO for easier cranking).

I used them as they came highly recommended by a number of sources and have no reason to complain about them at all.

Do you use the distributor in York ? I read about Exact on a forum and got in touch with a guy called Brad , turned out to be a whizz mechanic/engineer chap in Melbourne Oz who has the distribution rights there for Exact , said he had sold and fitted thousands of their belts with no “ comebacks “ , but then he is the supplier ! Not that I doubt him !! What Ducatis do you have ? I have just got an ST4S that I am having the belts changed on , hence all the questions . It is a late 2001 reg so I was asking if it might be considered a 2002 as I believe there was a different set of belts 2002 onwards , any ideas ?

While on the subject of timing belts , does anyone know the part no for the tensioner bearings ? Are they all the same no / bearings

Hi, I’ve the following:
1998 ST2
1999 748
2002 ST4S
2002 998S
2009 Monster 1100S

I get the belts through ExactFit - Stuart Sonley, in York, he’s their EU distributor. He may be able to help you with the tensioner bearings as well. If you join ducatiforum.co.uk (costs £5) and order through there he gives a 15% discount so well worth it, He goes under the name Exige on there.

For the past numbers you want, you’ll find a parts diagram here Carlsalter.com and it’s page 24 you need.

I don’t believe the belts are different between the years, the ST4S has the 996 engine and although there were cosmetic changes between the years the engine remained as is IIRC.

FYI, My nearest Ducati dealer and Ducati independent specialist (just one of each in Ireland) are in Dublin, 5 hrs away from me, so since moving here 10 years ago I’ve had to learn to do everything myself.

I’m with Paul . I use ExactFit on my 99 , 748 and my 2008 848 and will use them on my 98, 748 that I’m now restoring.

For some reason the carl salter site is not allowing me in , but someone else sent me a link to Omaha Ducati and they also have exploded diagrams with the parts no’s etc . Fortunately I have a good mechanic locally with Ducati owning friends so he will do the belts.

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