Ducati track day 29/5/14

My 848 at Donington Park Ducati track day 27/5/14
it’s a John Laverty race rep from Ducati Cov
and I’ve added more than a few performance parts, plus carbon bits!

Turned out Ok didn’t it, who’d have thought it from how the day started :open_mouth:

I live 6 miles away and did not make the trip because the weather was dreadful.

What happened :mrgreen:

I rode up from Telford in the morning and it was absolutely hissing down, but ever the optimist I hoped that Donington would have its own micro climate, despite BBC weather telling me it didn’t. Anyway the first 3 sessions were taken very gingerly and there were a few squeaky bum moments, but by the 4th session the rain had stopped and there were just a few wet patches, which had practically gone by the final 5th session at 4.30pm. So all in all a very enjoyable day :slight_smile:

Great pictures, sorry i could not be there, work got in the way again

great to see some people braving the elements :slight_smile: