Ducati travels

I took my little Monster to Europe in the summer and decided to blog about the journey. http://saska21.wordpress.com/

What a trooper that bike was! I had no mechanical issues, it handled hairpin bends in the Alps as if it was nothing (fully loaded with luggage - and I am talking woman packing!), it was just awesome! I love that bike more than ever now.

I hope you will enjoy the blog.

Nice article, They’re an ideal bike for that sort of road one up.

Nice little read that :wink:

How about having it reproduced in ‘Desmo’?

Glad you are enjoying the read. I am not even half way writing about the trip, so there are more good bits to come.

I haven’t thought about a feature in Desmo but have contacted the editor now to see if it is something they want to include. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Look forward to reading more … :slight_smile: