Ducati TT2 Symposium 2013


I hope this finds everyone well, and not snowed in!

You may have read / heard about the proposed Ducati TT2 symposium, organised by Roy Thersby and Pat Slinn (Pat prepared the world-championship winning TT2 bikes for Tony Rutter), and I somehow got involved with the initial planning! (Probably as I’ve known Pat since his days with one-time Ducati importers, Coburn & Hughes!!)

The event will be at the CRMC meeting at Donington, 9th - 11th August, and I have asked if we (DOC GB) could have a stand for free at this event - assuming that we can find various people to man the stand! I would suggest that we give this event support as the TT2 symposiums in the USA have attracted a large amount of enthusiasm and publicity world-wide.

Any DOC GB member with a TT2 - or any of the bikes deriving from that model - would be most welcome to attend, and there may also be a chance to parade the bikes during the CRMC meeting. The bikes would make up the main display, and other ‘classic’ Ducatis are welcome to be there too.

If it’s OK with the rest of the CoM that we support the event, I’ll continue to negotiate with Roy and Pat, there’s lots that we could do to promote our club at this event!

Your thoughts?

It is a shame that it clashes with Norther Rally, something I would to have liked to be at. If we can get someone to organise it and how much it is likely to cost. We do need numbers at the rallies though.

yes, it’s a shame that the two events can’t work together, there’s been quite a lot of interest in the symposium from TT2 owners in Europe and the USA besides the UK.
As far as I understand from Roy, our stand area would be free, so the costs would be minimal.