Ducati UK Press Release



The new Multistrada 1200 embarks on a nationwide tour this weekend as this incredible new Ducati goes on display at dealerships around Britain from January until March.The unprecedented amount of interest, sales enquiries and sales orders has led to this tour being organized to reach as many people as possible. Ducati UK have secured the loan of the only display Multistrada S Touring model in the world for these unique events.The tour will cover the length and breadth of Britain kicking off at Ducati Coventry on the 15th January through to the 17th before heading North to visit dealers across the North of England and Scotland and then winding its way back down South, stopping off at the London Motorcycle Show from the 4th to the 7th February and continuing its journey to all corners of the South East. There will be a final showing at Red Dog on the 11th March.The road show will give motorcyclists the chance to see the Multistrada Touring version in the UK for the first time. The Multistrada 1200S Touring version features, as standard, electronically adjustable suspension, traction control, ABS as well as the more traditional accessories such as panniers, heated hand-grips and centre stand. The much hailed Multistrada is already being talked about as a ‘bike of the year’ and is expected to draw huge interest across the country from Britain’s motorcyclists.Details of the nearest Ducati dealer can found by clicking on the dealer locator at Ducati or by downloading a dealer list here media-isoftware.co.uk/mai…=108&L=137&F=H The dates below are subject to change so please check with your local dealer beforehand and visit Ducati for the latest news.

JANUARY Ducati Manchester 9/10th
Ducati Coventry 15/16/17th
Woods of Abergele 18th
Wyder – Preston 19th
M&S –
Newcastle 20th
Ducati Glasgow 22/23/24th
Clay Cross – Chesterfield 26th
Italia Moto – Lincoln 27th Ducati Leeds 28/29/30/31st

St Neots Motorycles 1st Seastar – Norwich 2nd
Excel Show – London 4/5/6/7th
Laguna – Ashford 8th Sycamore –
Uppingham 9th
Daytona – Ruislip 10th
Pro Twins – South Godstone 11th
Metropolis – London 12/13/14th
Hyside – Romford 16th
Parkinsons – Colchester 17th
Ducati Wolverhampton 19/20/21st
Moto Rapido – Winchester 22nd
WM Snell – Alton 24th
P&H – Crawley 25th
Ducati Aylesbury 26/27/28th

GT Motorycles – Plymouth 1st
Three Cross – Wimborne 2nd
Riders of Bridgwater 3rd
Riders of Cardiff 4th
Ducati Bristol 5/6/7th
Red Dog – Hertford 11th