Duck Weed

Found this ugly duckling near Milton Keynes. :astonished: The owner had a minor spill on it a few years back and is willing to sell. Anyone got room for another project? Its a 750SS BTW. Thumbnails under the main picture should expand if I’ve got it right…

Any idea what he’s asking for it?
Cheers Rich

No idea what he wants for it. I did ask and the reply was make me an offer. Since I’m not personally up for it I declined :slight_smile:

I can give you a phone number though. He can be contacted on 01908 507027. This is his business number. If you do call say you are from the club, he knows I’ve put this up on our forum.

Hmm… have’nt a clue what to offer without insulting him, especially as there’s one on ebay at the mo and its a younger bike… … tsupported.

Cheers Rich

I don’t think I’d offer him £899 for it. Given its state I would say £200 to £300 but whether he would accept it or not I don’t know.

If it was that sort of money, I would be tempted…wife would’nt be happy though… :wink: I feel a phone call coming on…and tommorrow is my birthday…

B*****r, phoned and on holiday…holding breath…