Dukes on the IOM

Doug Snow, MGP 2010

He managed an impressive 4th this year in the Junior on this Sebring based racer and was timed at 126 miles per hour at Sulby!
If anyone has his contact email let me know as I have quite a nice portfolio of picture of him I would like to let him have!

Micheal Moulai in practice with his Senior entry 999

Ian Smith in the newcomers race

Alfred Stark from Germany on his Newcomers 748

nice piccys there. 10/10 :smiley:

If anyone hasn’t yet made a commitment to do the TT this year can I help to persuade you?

I have had a bit of a problem getting sorted up to now because of my apartment dates falling into practice week for this year.

I have now had the offer of another apartment for the week, and need to know urgently who is likely to want to join me as I only have until Monday to confirm it.

The cost for the week is £150, and I also have the ferry tickets reserved, so it’s all sorted except for the bodies. Priority goes to those who have previously been guests, but there are likely to be a couple of spare places left, and DOC members get next dibs, so is there anybody out there interested?


Don’t see much of a rush on here for Spaggy’s superb offer, so it looks like I had better advertise my spare ferry reservation elsewhere.

Here are the details just in case.

Out Thurs 2nd June 11am from Heysham, Return Sun 12th June 19:45 (arrives Heysham 23:15).
The mate who booked this has used the same homestay accomodation (located between Brandish and Hillberry) for the last few years, so I would be able to get their details for you to enquire if they have any vacancies left.

Steve Blades
07899 827 241

Looks like it could be a quiet TT then Steve.
Just you and me I think!

Very quiet. the ferry needs paying this month, and frankly unless I sell a bike it aint happening!

It was always goin to be a quiet one Spaggy - Mr R ain’t gonna be there. Although I’m sure Keef will keep you entertained if he makes it.
There should be 1 more if I can persuade my mate to bring one of her 2 Monsters instead of the bloody Triumph that was trying its best to break down in the rain all the way home last year.
Also several going from the Ducatisti forum, so we should hear a bit of rumbling amongst the screaming asian hordes.

I believe Rutter racing there also on 1198, sorry I cant make it, would have loved to, not been for a couple of years.

I see Spaggy still has no takers for his top notch TT Package Tour.

Anyway, this is the last call for anyone interested in a Bike+Rider return ferry ticket (details in earlier post on this thread) before I pay the balances on my other reservations and tell the Steam Racket Company that they can have this one back.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… :smiley:

Mr R’s just been given the OK to go to this years TT.
I confirmed my booking with Spaggy the night before last, so line the beers up lads usual rules apply…
The last man standing gets to harrange the lightweights, I really hope that Keef makes it as I could do with a good wingman.
Port Erin here I come…
Steve B (Whiltshire version) has gallently offered to try and keep up with me in the beer stakes he’ll be riding a real Classic Ducati, another 851/888 so at least they’ll be 3 on the Island.
One of the local boys has a SP4 serviced and tuned by Foggies ex mechanic Slick Bass, who now lives on the Island it would be great to meet him while we’re over there, I’d love to pick his brains.
Maybe we could get Slick to judge the best whatever at the annual Ducati rally?
The local branch might be able to sort this out?

Steve R

“Mr R’s just been given the OK to go to this years TT”


Hope to see you at the Creg on Mad Sunday

i read mr r’s post as i crossed the royal albert bridge into kernow, so with karma like that i had better pay for my ferry.

So you’m down 'ere in Kernow Keef, where too?
Of course you know you’re always welcome at our home.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the old crowd again, (TBH I didn’t think I’d be going again*) it wouldn’t be the same without you mate, are you bringing Barb and the little master?
Or just being like me a ‘Johnny no mates’ ? :laughing:
Roast dinner at the Falcons Nest chased down with a Calvados or two, followed by a late evening of taking the piss out of the Kwaka Triple’s club?

*But Nessie’s once again been a complete star, she put her foot down with a firm hand and said NO, but then backtracked, apparently she can’t stand the sight of a grown man crying.
…But with only 12 weeks to go she’s got money on me rebuilding the 851/916 motor in time for the Holiday. :unamused:
BIG valved 35/30 916SP heads, (+1mm on the inlets) special cam timing, (996SPS cams) modified ST4 pistons, lightened/balanced primary gears, change all of the gearbox bearings, (possibly fit a 748 close ratio gear cluster) new bigend shells and a day on the dyno to sort out a new fuel map to suit.
I’m hoping to hit close to 996SPS power with my back garden built ‘Bitsa’ this year, using mostly 2nd hand parts.
Her friends are betting that I’ll need a trip somewhere to borrow parts, or need to borrow a bike again.
This has only happened twice in over 20 IOM trips FFS!!! But apparently it’s a huge topic of conversation on the school run, Nessie’s even got odds in her favour.
Apparently the local old whitches/coven run a book every year. :open_mouth:
Nessie’s just read that last bit and cackled like one of the witches in Macbeth???

Steve R

We have a local witch here in StCleer. Or at least I think she is (Even the vicar of the church she palys in says she is a white witch!!!). Likes to go and play her harp in the middle of the stone ring up on the minion. I’ll see if she is in the Market Inn and have a word in your favour!

My intention is to take the Bevel this year if my back will take it, we’ll see, I’ve had her prepped and ready since September!

Failing that the Multistrada is a fine machine!


The lone Ducati in TT 2011. But more interestingly, who recognises the face in the crowd?

I have made a gallery of all my TT 2011 pics at http://www.photoboxgallery.com/3041111- including the pant filling moment when Keith Amours bike landed wihin a few feet of me! I will post all the drinking pictures in the next few days, although I will password protect that file and you will need to PM me to see them!