Dunlop D220 Sportmax ST Tyres

Hi, the 2002 ST4 I purchased earlier this year has these tyres fitted, I’ve found a whole list of complaints over their performance, has anyone else any opinion or experience, and what would they recommend I fit?


I have a 2002 ST4s and run Bridgstone BT020 tyres at present. I chose these as they are dual compound and I tend to use it for touring. I have found that they give a good mix of grip and durability for the type of riding that I do on this bike.



I’m as poor as a church mouse but do love to ride my bikes all year round and stack up the mileage.
So having tried most makes in 120/70x17 and 180/55x17’s from super sticky trackday use to touring types, I’ve got a couple of recommendations and they’re both Sport Tourers from Michelin…
Pilot Road 2 or Pilot Road 3’s these work as well as sports tyres in most situations/conditions (they’re fantastic in the wet and more than good enough for spirited dry weather road use) and last very well, so you can have your cake and eat it IME!

Michelin claim that the 3’s will last longer than the 2’s, but TBH I haven’t found this but they do grip better in all conditions.

Steve R

Hi , I’ve had plenty of experience of varying makes of tyres on Ducati’s.The current breed of tyres I use are Michelin Pilot road '2’s ,as Steve R. states , they’re more than adequate for the road.I use them on my Multistrada 1000DS and 916 ,and find they’re more than up to the job rain,hail or shine. I haven’t tried the pilot Road '3’s yet,but when tyres are due ,maybe i’ll try the '3’s .The more sporting tyres I find aren’t up to much in the wet,not that I go out in the wet,it’s if you get caught when riding.Hope this helps ?

Cheers. adie851 :smiley:

I don’t know why but I tend to stuck with Pirelli, Diablo on 748 and Diablo Strada on Monster, Avon on the Paso but not much choice, road a Multistrada last week end with Michelins and found them great, had just about all road conditions, mainly dry with wet bits.

i run bridgestones on my st. battleaxe 021r, perfect for my riding on it. :smiley:

[size=150]Avon Storms on my ST2, I like them.[/size]

Maybe being from Manchester I should try those !!

Thanks for the replies, I have’nt personally had any problems with the fitted Dunlops at present, but I think i’m leaning towards the Michelins on replacement!