East Midlands

Is there any interest in establishing an east midlands branch of this club??

Pub is Diseworth Leicestershire had a flyer on the wall promoting this club and a few Italian bikes meet there each month but apart from myself and 1 other Ducati rider they are all on Guzzi’s

were there two old ladys looking at the guzzi’s

Well thats about o% interest

will not pursue that any further

Hi Kiwi (north or south Island?)

It would be worth a ride out for me if it was a Sunday, but I work too late in the week for an evening blast.
If you fancy a trip round some of Lincolnshires finer roads drop me a line cos the lads at our local branch (North Lincs) are not too bothered about goin for a thrash.


Originally North Island

Have to be a good day to tempt me oput on the bike at this time of year

Too much salt on the roads and it just F$%Ks up everything on the bike

Got a couple of projects in the shed that need finishing and time is better spent there than getting cold and miserable

There always used to be a branch their, if I remember rightly, it was a couple of miles from Donnington Circuit.
Some helpfull local members helped me with a club stand at the circuit one year.

The best way to start a branch is to offer your services as an area rep, and the COM should be able to help you contact all the members in the area to set up the branch.

When I was involved in the events side of the club, if someone wanted to set up a branch I would write (snail mail!) to every member in the area to tell them about first meeting, and the new reps contact details to get the branch off the ground.

Obviously a mention in desmo and on e mail list/forum helps, but the only way to grab peoples attention is to approach each member directly.

I remember when my local branch was originaly set up (must be coming up for 15-20 years ago now?) the local rep telephoned every member in the area- a bit extream I guess, but it worked, I remember in that first summer we would have upwards of 20 Ducatis turning up, and I made many of the friends I have now as a direct result of that!


As Keith rightly says, if you are interested in setting up a branch, contact the relevant person on the CoM (Ian Rumbellow - see details in Desmo) and he will help you. As Desmo is mailed to all club members it’s one of the best ways to contact people - direct mailing to all members in the area being another :wink:

Hi Kiwi

I didn’t expect anyone to up for a ride out at this time of year, I do occasionally venture out on my 900SS if the roads are dry, but i’m out in the sticks and we don’t get salted round here. If I’m going a bit further I have a Honda to get salt on, and I too should be in the shed doing jobs instead of sitting in the warm typing this.

See you when the sun is out

Yes pub is in Diseworth and the flyer is still up on the wall - but very few Ducatis ever turn up